Looking to hire draping for your event in Cardiff, Swansea or Newport? Wow Event Hire can help.

Using curtains and drapes we transform conference rooms, sports centres, village halls and clubs into dream wedding or party venues.

Ceiling drapes, wall drapes and marquee style linings can be erected to create stunning effects that truly transform a room.

Draping venues is very much a speciality we have perfected over many years, every venue is different in size and shape so requires a bespoke design. Working closely with the venue is essential as it can involve attaching fittings and fixtures to support the drapes, we also have none invasive techniques which allow us to build independent structures and avoid touching the venues walls or ceilings. 


As every draping commision is unique we can only give a guide to pricing before a site visit takes place, the size of the venue/ceiling heights and access times for installation and derig are key factors in costing. Draping a venue can often be very cost effective for the overall event budget, less prestigouse venues can be turned into stunning spaces that really take your guests by surprise, venue hire is often less and cost effective catering options are open to you.